The Woolly Badger August pattern relay sale

I realised two things as I sat and drank my cup of tea this morning; the first is that knitting isn’t huge on people’s agendas in August, despite it being a great time to get a jump start on all those autumn knitting projects that you want to make.

And the second is that I’ve now published more than 31 knitting patterns.

Can you see where this is going?

Yep, I’m doing a special sale throughout August to encourage you to get a jump on that autumn knitting.

How does the pattern relay sale work?

It’s a lovely, simple setup. There’s one discount code for the entire month – patternrelay – which will get you 25% off a different pattern each day.

At about 9am BST each day, I’ll switch the code over to add a new pattern and remove the previous one. But because this relies on me being on-time (slightly tricky in the summer holidays) I’m building a bit of leeway into the system, and the code will work on each pattern for 48hrs.

Which means that, for example, the pattern that’s added to the code on the 1st will still work on the 2nd, and be removed on the 3rd. The pattern added on the 2nd will still work on the 3rd, and be removed on the 4th and so on and so on until we reach the end of the month.

You can come back and use the code as many times as you like, so if you decided you wanted all 31 of the included patterns then you could absolutely use it 31 days in a row.

And of course, it works on both Ravelry and Payhip.

So what’s the pattern relay schedule?

Yep, I’m being kind and publishing the order ahead of time so you know when you can grab the pattern you’re after. Lovely, hey?

So, here we go. The code patternrelay will get you 25% off my patterns in this order:

August 1: Summerdown top, a DK batwing top with lovely lace sleeve detail.

Summerdown top

August 2: Sharalanda socks. AKA the frilly socks of dreams.

August 3: Only Magical Girl in Town cardigan, a sweet little kids’ cardi with lace leaves trailing down the back.

August 4: Big Magical Girl cardigan, which, shockingly enough, is the adult version of the previous day’s design.

August 5: Land Mermaid shawl, a classic triangle shawl with bands of lace (the lace is charted only, I’m afraid)

August 6: Tallulah camisole, a size-inclusive knitted camisole with a whole load of fit options.

August 7: Coffee With My Oxygen cowl, which is the perfect first stranded colourwork project. No long floats, small repeats, and not too much commitment.

August 8: Bingpot Beanie, a hat with colourwork so easy it’s not really colourwork (it’s mosaic knitting, which is just stripes that are showing off)

August 9: Jimmy Jab Jumper (kids). The original of the Jimmy Jab family, sized for rainbow jumper joy for kids from 2-12.

August 10: Big Jimmy Jab Jumper. Like its kids counterpart, but, y’know, bigger. Featuring the original full bust adjustment, it’s the comfiest circular yoke you’ll ever wear.

August 11: Summer Jimmy Jab. With the same lovely mosaic knitting colourwork, but this time in 4ply yarn and with even more fit options.

August 12: What’s Next socks. Knitted from the toe up with a heel flap and gusset, these socks are so very much easier than they look.

August 13: Moira Rose shawl. Break out the colourblocks! This shawl is superb for those single skeins, and uses just one lace motif.

August 14: Colin, You Flutter Me. And almost understated knit tee, with a rounded v-neck, flutter sleeves, and an optional full bust adjustment.

Blooming Bessie cowl

August 15: Blooming Bessie Cowl. Simple but effective colourwork, with options for two colours, gradient miniskein sets, and customised length.

August 16: Knitting A Mansion shawl. An enormous shawl without the enormous rows.

August 17: Rejiggerate tee. A seamless tee with clever short row neckline, optional bust adjustment, and lovely armhole frills.

August 18: RSVP as Pending. DK weight socks for all the family that knit up in no time.

August 19: Max Actually Hat. A sport/DK hat with easy but lovely looking textures and some swish crown shaping.

August 20: Math of Love Triangles shawl. More DK textures, with detailed photos to show you just what you’re aiming for, this one’s a cracking project for a beginner knitter.

August 21: Pegetha top. Tonnes of fit options, and a big old bell sleeve make this one of my most worn knits.

August 22: Lightning, Dogs, and Bamboo socks. A toe-up, heel flap and gusset sock with a textured instep.

August 23: Day Off Badge tee. Big old statement lace panel and a super relaxed drop shoulder shape make this extremely chuck-on-able.

August 24: Tree, Nog, and Roast Beast socks. Written for all the family, and for DK or 4ply yarn, these socks have my all-time favourite German short row heel.

August 25: Set the Tone Scarf, a short-row-tastic lace scarf that’s great for using up scraps and mini skeins.

August 26: Jenny Little Christmas, an enormous shawl with normal sized rows that’s designed especially for yarn advents and mini skeins.

August 27: I Smell Snow hat, an easy colourwork hat featuring classic Fair Isle patterns.

August 28: Ya Basic bed socks. Chunky socks that knit up in a jiffy and make a most superb gift.

August 29: Party As A Verb socks. Toe up socks with a heel flap and gusset, and sweet all over lace.

August 30: Yippie Kayak Santa hat. I mean…it does what it says, doesn’t it?

August 31: Rockin’ Reindeer Richard – aka the ultimate hand knit Christmas jumper. DK weight with reindeer, Christmas tree, and holly motifs, this festive bad boy comes in 9 sizes with an optional full bust adjustment.

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