If you’re after a beautiful handknitted keepsake, gift, or treat, then I can help. I don’t just design and sell knitting patterns; I also take on commissions for handknitted loveliness.

Whether you’re looking for a handknitted wedding shawl, a snuggly pair of luxury bed socks, or a really special baby blanket to wrap a really special baby in, chances are I can help.

Get in touch now to talk to me about commissioning some knitting to treasure, or read on below to find out a bit more about the process.

How it works

All my commissions follow roughly the same process, no matter what you’re after:

Handknitted green socks hanging in front of a fire
  • You get in touch: let me know what it is you’re after, and whether you fancy one of my existing designs or want something designed and knitted just for you.
  • I’ll get back to you with a few questions: There are a few things to think about when it comes to bespoke knitwear; how thick you want the finished fabric, whether it needs to be machine washable, and what kind of colours you want to name a few. If you’re after an entirely new design, then I’ll ask about that. As well as the questions, I’ll give you some indicative pricing based on a few different options.
  • We decide on the details of your unique knit: Once you’ve told me what matters to you, I’ll get back to you with some yarns for you to pick from. If you need a bit of guidance here, I’ll merrily make a recommendation to you. I’ll also give you a final quote, and a timescale.
  • You give the thumbs up and I get knitting: If you want progress updates, let me know and I’ll be sure to send pictures your way.
  • I cast off, and you get your custom knitwear: If you’re local to Bristol we can arrange collection, or I can always post it to you.

Yarn choices

Handknitted red, green, and purple, lace shawl draped in front of a lake.

I’ll work with you to select the best yarn for your project, based on budget, softness, and washability. If you’re after a handknitted baby blanket, you want to make sure that can go in the washing machine.

Believe me. My sons made that fact VERY clear to me in their infancy.

Give me a shout and we can get chatting about yarn choices. I promise to keep the grossness of babies out of it.


Mustard yellow bed socks

Hand knitting is definitely “slow fashion”; even the fastest knitter will tell you that it takes time to produce a beautiful finished item. My pieces are designed to be something to treasure, and since every order is bespoke, prices will vary from order to order. As a rough guide though, here’s where some of my pricing starts:

  • Handknitted bed socks in an acrylic/wool mix: £40
  • One of a kind cabled bobble hat in superwash wool: £50
  • Custom-designed 30x30cm animal portrait cushion in acrylic yarn: £95
  • Medium-weight merino wool shawl: £120
  • Bespoke lace knitted wedding shawl in merino wool: £250

A decent chunk of the cost of an item depends on your choice of yarn; for example, a fine wool yarn will cost more in terms of both material and knitting time than a chunky wool/acrylic (or pure acrylic) yarn. Get in touch now and I can help you get a better idea of the cost of your custom knit.

A note on what I can’t do

Just so we’re all super-clear, I won’t take on commissions where the brief is “can you please copy this for me?” It’s great to be inspired by things – and if you’re after a custom design I’ll encourage you to send me pictures of things you like – but straight-up copying another designer’s work isn’t cool, so please don’t ask me to do it.

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