Garment knitting patterns

There’s no greater joy in life than being able to respond “this? Oh, I made it myself” to someone complimenting your clothes. Science fact. So if you fancy getting that lovely smug feeling, then have a look at my garment knitting patterns. They’re all size-inclusive (graded up to a 62″ bust), thoroughly tested and tech edited, and pretty bloomin’ lovely if I say so myself.

Big Magical Girl cardigan

A lovely, aran-weight cardigan that’s speedy to knit and cosy af to wear. Big Magical Girls is knitted seamlessly from the top down, with 9 sizes plus an optional bust adjustment. Which means that yes, it’s a cardigan that actually does up!

Big Jimmy Jab jumper

Just like its mini counterpart, the Big Jimmy Jab jumper is a deceptively simple top-down colourwork jumper. With just one colour per row, an optional bust adjustment for the chesticularly blessed, and cropped or full length versions, it’s brilliant to knit, and to wear.

Day Off Badge tee

Oversized, seamless, and lightweight, the Day Off Badge tee is so relaxed you don’t even need to worry about putting it on the right way round. Seriously. The statement lace panel can be worn in either the front or back.

Summerdown top - 3/4 sleeve top with lace detail down the sleeve.

Summerdown top

Summerdown is an oversized, lightweight, and drapey top with just a hint of lace; perfect for throwing on to add a bit of warmth on a summer evening.

With a clever top-down construction that needs minimal seaming, Summerdown is a great way to get started with lace knitting. 

The open gauge and stocking stitch body are perfect for showing off hand dyed yarn – like the colourways Adventures in Yarncraft created just for this top.

Summerdown is size inclusive, with 9 sizes to fit bust sizes from 28-62in (70-158cm).