Warm feet, warm heart. All my sock patterns are instantly downloadable and come with links to tutorials on the techniques you need to know. Sock knitting made simple.

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Sharalanda socks

The ultimate frill seekers. Sized from baby to XXL adult, and graded to be worked with or without mohair, the Sharalanda socks are gloriously frivolous.

They’re worked from the toe up, with a German short row heel and simple lace pattern. Trust me when I say they give maximum impact with minimum effort.

Tree, Nog, and Roast Beast socks

Matching socks for all the family, with a choice of DK or 4ply weight? Why the heck not? With a German short row heel, a simple knit and purl texture, and an absolute shedload of sizes, the Tree, Nog, and Roast Beast socks are a definite winner – and a perfect beginners socks.

Lightning, Dogs, and Bamboo

If you’re after a sock that’s one step up from a simple, plain vanilla, then Lightning, Dogs, and Bamboo are the socks for you. Their textured front panel is created from a simple, four-row pattern repeat. Easy to remember, and fun to knit.

They’re worked toe-up, with a classic heel flap and gusset construction.

Chunky knit bedsocks with a cup of tea

Ya Basic bed socks

Sometimes in life, you just need cosy feet. Sure, that may be “basic”, but basic can be a good thing. These bed socks are here to prove it; with straightforward, top-down construction, a simple heel flap, and cosy chunky yarn, they knit up super-fast to make sure your feet will be snuggled up in no time. And because they’re a little bit basic, they’re a perfect first-time sock for a sock knitting newbie.

Party as a Verb

These socks are called the “Party As a Verb” socks for one reason – they’re like the party socks I had as a girl. Fancier than your everyday sock, but not so showy that your ankles are overdressed, they’re perfect for when your feet need a little lift. And they’d make a great gift for anyone who likes their simple pleasures to be a little less simple and a little more pleasing.

Dark blue socks with repeating lace pattern

What’s Next?

The combination of triangular shapes and curved lines may look fancy, but the central panel on the What’s Next? Socks is easier than it seems. A bit of twisted rib, a touch of lace, and some clever decreases are all it takes.

Knitted toe-up, What’s Next? is a great sock for a knitter who’s looking to move on from vanilla sock knitting.

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