Learn to knit a Fair Isle hat

Four week knitting course at Creative Space, Bristol

Starting Tuesday 5 October, 19:00pm

Join Jacki from The Woolly Badger for this four-week course that’ll teach you everything you need to know to knit a classic Fair Isle colourwork hat.

Suitable for advanced beginners who want to try something new, by the end of this course you’ll have learnt all the skills you need to take on bigger colourwork projects, like a classic yoked sweater.

We’ll start with the basics; how to read a pattern, pick your yarns, and choose the right colours. Then over the course of the four weeks we’ll work through casting on, working with floats, keeping even tension, shaping your hat, and finally blocking and finishing.

The course starts on Tuesday 5 October at 19:00pm and runs at the same time each Tuesday for three weeks. Tickets are £95, and include the pattern, needles, and a selection of 100% wool yarns to pick from for your hat. Plus tea and biscuits, because it’s not a good knit night unless you’ve got tea and biscuits.

If you’ve got any questions, then take a look at the FAQ below or give me a shout.

Buy your ticket for the Learn to Knit a Fair Isle Hat workshop

Got questions about the Fair Isle hat knitting workshop? Hit me up.

Who’s leading the workshop?

I’m Jacki, the designer behind The Woolly Badger. I’ve been knitting for more than a decade, designing for a few years, and teaching online workshops since lockdown. I really love knitting, and I especially love helping people gain the confidence to try out things they find a bit scary. You can see what I’m up to on Instagram, and find my patterns on Ravelry.

Where is the workshop happening?

The Learn to Knit a Fair Isle Hat workshop is taking place at the lovely Creative Space in North Street, Bedminster, Bristol. It’s a space that’s just for creative workshops like this one. Lovely, hey?

Do I need to have knitted colourwork before?

Absolutely not. This workshop is aimed at colourwork newbies. You’ll be expected to know how to do the basics of knitting – by which I mean knitting and purling – but nothing beyond that.

Why are we going to be knitting a Fair Isle hat?

Hats are the perfect first colourwork project. I know, I know, those lovely yoked jumpers look great, but they’re a bit of a commitment. A hat lets you learn and try out all the skills you need to move onto bigger projects with confidence, and is small enough in scale that it won’t destroy your soul if you make a mistake and have to rip a bit back.

I’ve got a really big/small head/I want to knit the hat for a kid/my differently bonced friend. Are there different sizes we can make?

There are indeed. The I Smell Snow hat pattern has three sizes; child, teen/small adult, and large adult. If you want to make something outside that range – say for a toddler – then I can help you work that out.

Talking of mistakes, will you show us how to fix any knitting mistakes we make?

Of course. Everyone messes up their knitting. Science fact.

Will we all have to knit the same colour hat?

Oh hell no. I’ll have a selection of colours available, and as part of the workshop we’ll be talking about how to pick colours that look really super great together.

What about refreshments? Will there be any of those?

Of course. I never go anywhere without tea and biscuits, so there’ll be plenty of both on offer.

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