Got knits?

I’m Jacki, a knitting teacher and knitwear designed based in Bristol, UK.

I’m all about encouraging knitters to try new things; whether that’s colourwork, lace knitting, adjusting knitting patterns to fit better, or anything else. Nothing in knitting is as scary as it looks. Promise.

My knitting patterns are easy to follow, professionally tech-edited, and thoroughly test knitted, so you know you’re getting a lovely, straightforward knit.

I also teach knitting workshops, both online, and in-person in Bristol, UK. I’m friendly, fuss-free, and all about helping people to increase their knitting confidence and learn new skills.

One last thing – 10% of all Woolly Badger pattern sales goes to Bluebell Care, a perinatal mental health charity based in Bristol, UK. You can find out more about why I’m supporting Bluebell Care on my blog.

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Friendly, faff-free knitting workshops in lovely Bristol

Absolute Beginners – Learn to Knit

Learn the basics of knitting in this half-day workshop, with plenty of tea, snacks, and help to get you started.

Learn to knit a jumper

Four sessions dedicated to everything you need to know to knit a beautiful sweater. Perfect for knitters who want to try something new.

Learn to knit colourwork

If you love the look of a Fair Isle yoke, but need a bit of a confidence boost before trying one, come along to my colourwork knitting workshop in Bristol and I’ll show you all you need to know.

NEW bring your baby knitting classes in Bedminster, Bristol

Babies. Cute as heck, but not always the best knitting companions. Unless you come to one of my lovely new bring your baby knitting sessions.

Running on Wednesday mornings at No Frills Knitting, there’s a 3-week baby friendly beginners knitting course, or a pay as you go improvers session. Get help with your knitwear, with someone to entertain your baby, or just enjoy actually doing something for yourself. And have I mentioned the massive mental health benefits of knitting? And the tea and biscuits?

Yeah. The sessions are The Good Stuff.

Boob-friendly knitting patterns

After well over a decade of ill-fitting knitwear, I’ve put a ridiculous amount of effort and maths into working out how to make fitted knitting patterns that actually fit big boobs.

And so my garment knitting patterns now include an optional full bust adjustment, so you can make room for the girls without sacrificing fit elsewhere.

Build your knitting confidence with an online knitting workshop

Not in Bristol? Not a problem. I run online knitting workshops every month (usually a few times a month, actually) on all sorts of topics from colourwork knitting, to lace knitting, to toe-up socks, to…well, whatever people ask me for, really (and yes, you can totally get in touch to ask for a specific workshop).

They’re all about giving you the confidence to try something new with your knitting, and the feedback tells me that’s just what they do.

“I’d highly recommend your knitting workshops. The perfect mix of technical input and you-can-actually-do-this support”

De-scarying lacework attendee

Knitting patterns that are way easier than they look

Do you know what absolutely is not scary at all? Knitting.

Sure, a lot of finished knitwear looks fancy as all heck, but I promise you that almost all of it is far easier to knit than you think it is. My knitting patterns are a great way to learn to knit – they’re easy to understand, clearly written, and most of all very good fun to knit.

And I’ve got knitting patterns for all the family, so whether you’re after a baby cardigan or a pair of gigantic bed socks, I’ve got you covered. As in literally covered in yarn, which is the best place to be.

Knits for Kids

Hats, jumpers, cardigans, even socks – I’ve got lots of patterns to keep little ones toasty.

Garment knitting patterns

Get the “this? Oh, I knitted it myself” smugness with easy to follow garment patterns.

Sock knitting patterns

Toasty toes are guaranteed with my sock patterns. From classic 4ply socks to chunky bed socks, there’s plenty of options.

Shawl knitting patterns

Man, I just love an enormous, blanket-like shawl. You should too. Check out my shawl knitting patterns now.