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Got knits?

I’m Jacki, and I design knitting patterns that are as fun to knit as they are to wear. I’ve got a few very strong beliefs about knitting, starting with my unofficial motto: “Easier than it looks”.

That motto’s true of all my patterns – whether they’re lace socks or colourwork hats. Knitting is something that I started doing to help my mental health, so I design knitting patterns that are easy to follow and produce things that look way trickier than they are.

Which leads to the second unofficial Woolly Badger motto: “If it ain’t fun, don’t knit it.”

For me, knitting’s all about the process. And if that process isn’t an enjoyable one, then there’s not much point to it, is there?

One last thing – 10% of all Woolly Badger pattern sales goes to Bluebell Care, a perinatal mental health charity based in Bristol, UK. You can find out more about why I’m supporting Bluebell Care on my blog.