Friendly, faff-free knitting workshops in lovely Bedminster, Bristol.

Come and learn new knitting skills in my friendly workshops, where you’ll find no judgement and lots of tea. Take a look at my latest Bristol-based knitting workshops below, and if there’s a knitting technique that you want to learn that I’m not covering, give me a shout

All my in-person knitting workshops take place at lovely independent Bristol knitting shop No Frills Knitting at 15 Cannon Street in Bedminster. It’s close to the city centre, has a load of buses that stop nearby, and is near the Diamond Street car park.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest workshop dates, then hop on my mailing list and you’ll always be in the know.

The workshop room at No Frills Knitting

Find the latest dates and book your knitting workshop on Yuup

Most of my Bristol knitting workshops are booked via Yuup, so if you want to see the latest dates and availability then head straight to my host page. I’ve got something for just about every level of knitting experience and skill – whether you’re looking for a complete beginners workshop, wanting to learn more advanced knitting skills like colourwork, or just wanting some help knitting your first sweater.

Absolute Beginners – learn to knit

Got absolutely no idea what the heck you’re doing when it comes to knitting? Not even sure how to get started? Then come to my absolute beginners workshop at the delightful  No Frills Knitting shop in Bedminster, Bristol.

We will, in the words of Maria von Trapp, start at the very beginning. I hear it’s a very good place to start. 

For knitting, the very beginning means casting on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and casting back off again. We’ll master those skills in this session, and you’ll get all the materials you need (including handy slides) included.

Not so absolute beginners – next step knitting

If you’ve got the hang of the knitting basics – we’re talking stuff like the knit stitch, and casting on and off – and want to get stuck into some bigger projects, come along to this next step knitting workshop. We’ll be learning about things like increasing, decreasing, and all the things you need to start making hats – and even jumpers – to go with those simple scarves.

Sweater school

Ready to take on your first knitted garment? Come along to this four session course, and knit yourself the jumper of your dreams.

You bring along your pattern, yarn, and needles, and in return you get tuition, tea, snacks, and a lovely welcoming environment.

We’ll go through everything you need to know, from deciphering your pattern, to swatching and picking a size, through knitting the thing, right the way to blocking and finishing.

Learn to knit stranded colourwork

If you want to learn to knit stranded colourwork, this is the course for you. Over three weeks we’ll learn everything needed to knit a classic Fair Isle hat. 

Which is also everything you need to know to knit something like a fancy colourwork jumper. Handy, that.

Learn to knit socks from the toe up

Handknit socks are one of the greatest and most cosy joys in life. But they can also be a bit intimidating.

So, come along to my learn to knit socks workshop and you’ll have all the help you need to knit a pair that will keep your toes toasty for ages to come.

We’ll be working our socks from the toe up (the best way) and I’ll walk you through everything from picking a size, to casting on, to turning the heel.

Knit Your Own Bed Socks

Feet in a pair of scrappy bed socks, knitted with different yarns held together for a chunky, marled finish.

Love the idea of hand knit socks but not quite ready to commit to the fine yarn and tiny needles?

Come along to this two-parter, where we’ll be knitting chunky bed socks. We’re talking 8mm needles chunky, which also makes them a very speedy knit. Perfect for whipping up loads as Christmas gifts – or just to keep your own toes toasty.

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