I’m Jacki, and I’m the Bristol-based knitter and designer behind The Woolly Badger.

I started The Woolly Badger Etsy shop in January 2018, after returning to work from my first round of maternity leave. At first it was all ready made knitwear; baby blankets, snuggly cowls, and bright bobble hats for all the family. The kind of gifts that knitted dreams are made of.

But I’ve just finished my second round of maternity leave, and now I’m branching out into publishing patterns.

And, after an unpleasant experience of postnatal depression following the birth of my second son, I’m now donating 10% of all revenues to Bluebell Care, the Bristol-based PND charity that has done so much to help me.

I’ve been knitting since late 2011. Unless you count a brief period in 1993 when my babysitter taught me to knit a scarf that ended up with more stitches dropped than actually knitted.