Online Knitting Workshops

De-scarying colourwork - 14 Sept 2021

De-scarying colourwork – September 14, 8:00pm (BST)

Face your colourwork fears with this 90-minute guide to all things colourwork knitting. We’ll talk about:

  • The difference between intarsia, mosaic knitting, and stranded knitting
  • How to pick a yarn
  • How to pick a colour palette
  • Those tricky-sounding things like floats, colour dominance, and tension
  • How to do the actual knitting

Tickets are just £20, and are available now.

De-scarying lacework – July 13, 8pm (BST)

Nothing adds a bit of flair to your knitting like a touch of lace. In this 75 minute workshop you’ll find out all you need to know the get started – or get confident – with lace knitting.

  • Reading lace charts
  • Commonly-used stitches, how to work them, and what they look like
  • Fixing mistakes with lifelines and “tink”ing (knitting backwards)
  • How to block and finish your lace knits to get them looking tip-top.

Tickets are just £20, and are available now

Knits to fit your tits

Tuesday 21 September, 20:00 (BST)

Big-boobed knitters of the world! If you’re sick of spending hours and hours on what turns out to be an ill-fitting garment, then this is the workshop for you.

Banish baggy backs. Get rid of the boob tent. Lift your arms with confidence. We’re going to learn how to adjust knitting patterns so they’ve got enough space for your boobs without drowning you everywhere else.