Online Knitting Workshops

Friendly and fun online knitting workshops – with a professional designer!

If you’re wanting to improve your knitting, then I can for sure help. I’ve taken my ten years of knitting experience and used them to create an absolute shedload of online knitting workshops that’ll help you knit the things you want to be knitting.

Whether you want to take on stranded colourwork, have a go at lace knitting, learn how to fix your mistakes, or something else – chances are I’ve got an online workshop for you. And if I don’t, then drop me a line and let me know what you’re after, as I’m always happy to add new knitting techniques to my list of workshops.

Online knitting workshops coming up soon

  • De-scarying Toe-up Sock Knitting – Thursday 7 Oct
  • It’s All Gone Knits Up – Sunday 17 Oct
  • De-scarying Lacework – Tues 2 Nov

De-scarying toe up sock knitting

Thursday October 7, 20:00pm (BST)

In this friendly session we’ll be talking about:

  • The advantages of knitting toe up (there are a lot)
  • How to cast on and get started
  • Working magic loop vs using double pointed needles
  • Avoiding “ladders” at the edges of your socks
  • Different heels that work toe up

And plenty more. There’ll be plenty of time for questions, so grab a cup of tea and come join in.

It’s All Gone Knits Up – how to fix common knitting mistakes

There’s one inevitability in knitting: making mistakes. Annoying, but true. But, as all inspirational quotes tell us, it’s how you deal with your mistakes that matter. 

In this 90-min workshop I’ll show you how to fix some of the most common knitting mistakes – without ripping back rows and rows of knitting. We’ll cover things like:

  • Picking up dropped stitches
  • “Tinking” back
  • Fixing cables that cross the wrong way
  • Adding in missed increases and decreases
  • Swapping a knit to a purl

You’ll get to add in anything you want to know about when you book your ticket, and with just 8 spots available there’ll be plenty of time for questions. 

And attendees will get an info pack detailing what we’ve covered, along with a recording of the session. Handy, right?

De-scarying Lacework

Tuesday 2 November, 20:00 (GMT)

During the workshop we’ll cover:

  • Reading lace charts
  • Commonly-used stitches, how to work them, and what they look like
  • Fixing mistakes with lifelines and “tink”ing (knitting backwards)
  • How to block and finish your lace knits to get them looking tip-top.

Attendees will get a handy little info pack with resources, links, and tips covering everything that’s in the workshop. And there will also be an exclusive discount code valid on all Woolly Badger knitting patterns – of which there are more than a few that feature lace!